Contrast therapy in winter swimmers and saunabathers in Denmark
- A Scientific study by Susanna Søberg
45min talk - in English

  • Author: Susanna Soeberg
  • Video time: 45 minutes
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    5/5 stars!

    If you're interested in learning the mechanisms behind the health of cold and heat - this talk is it! This is brilliant work by Dr. Susanna Soeberg. Thank you for giving us this knowledge and perspectives!
    5/5 stars.
    Mattie Johnson
    So interesting talk - I watched it twice! The science is so interesting. Susanna does an excellent job explaining the research and the graphics makes it easy to understand.
    I'm taking the 3 weeks Thermalist Cure™ course now. So much good information here!
    5/5 stars.
    Sandra Nielsen
    Fantastic talk - I will recommend it to anyone! 5/5 stars! 
    Nigel Leclaire